Time is On My Side…

Dear Morse Diving Buddies,

   Are you by chance like me? Do you sit still at the end of the day and wonder how in the world it got to be the end of the day?!?!?  There are not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week, or weeks in the month for me to get done what I need to get done. AND- to top it off- I never want to check my watch, or wall clock, or that annoying little blinking time coming from the microwave! (none of them are really very cute)

    There is no getting around time! We gotta track it, gotta use it, gotta have it! So let’s make our time pieces pretty, versatile, and really, really, really AWESOME!

Solve part of your time conundrum by getting yourself a Morse Diving clock!!!!

 Add some class and style to your time!

It is a wall clock that pictures a tinned Morse Diving MKV Diving Helmet.

The clock is 10″ in diameter with a red Lucite rim.

The clock comes with 1 AA battery. Price is $22.50 which includes shipping.

One for the office, one for the home, one for the boat, one for the latrine…get one for EVERYWHERE!!!!

I have one in my bedroom, one in my office, and one in my kitchen! It goes with every style/decor!

Phone 1-781-871-7772

Go to: http://www.morsediving.com

Or email: sales_service@morsediving.com  

to get your Morse Diving MKV Clock NOW!

‘Till Next Time


Cute Clock...Great Price...What is NOT to Love?

Cute Clock...Great Price...What is NOT to Love?


A Rose by Any Other…Would not be US Navy Endorsed!!!!

Hello Morse Diving Buddies,

   I don’t know about you guys–but I am a sucker for labels! If y’all saw my closet, you may be a bit shocked and somewhat marveled. Some would say amused… others still would say jealous. Labels mean a lot: quality, endurance, reliability, validity, trust, and so much more. That is why when I learned that the Mark V Manual was not the only United States Navy distributed product from Morse Diving, I went a little shopping crazy!

      Morse Diving, Inc is an incredible label in and of itself. The “Morse Diving” name comes with 175 years of trust and product quality assurance. However, a ton of our products also come with a “Unites States Navy” backing as well!

Check out all of the products…

–         Mark V Diver’s Knife

–         US Navy Control Belt

–         US Navy Canvas Boots

–         US Navy Control Valve

–         Mark V Manual

–         The entire Mark V Manual

–          And more…


My father, who has not once been diving (and is really more of an inside man), already has the Navy-Official Diving knife on his birthday list! It makes the perfect gift!

           If you are a novice or a consummate professional at the sport, stop by our site


Phone: 1-781-871-7772


Visit our Facebook Page http://Facebook.com/MorseDiving to check out all of our merchandise!

      When embarking on an adventure 10… 300… or 20,000 leagues under the sea—it is ALWAYS better to have the best supplies possible! And nothing says Best better than the United States Navy! Right! Come on by and get your Morse Diving Inc, US Navy-official diving gear today!

Happy and Safe Diving Morse Diving Buddies!

                             ‘Till Next Time,


How I Got Smart(er)… The Mark V System…

Mark V Manual

Call 1-781-7772, email sales_service@morsediving.com, and/ or visit http://www.morsediving.com/ to get your copy today!

         I have to admit something to all of you…I feel as though we have come to know each other fairly well… we Facebook, blog, email, Tweet, and connect in all other kinds of ways… Thus, I can be honest with y’all in every possible way… I have never been diving before.
           Ok, Ok…get the sharp inhales of oxygen, the gasps of horror, and the general bemused looks out of your systems. I told you that I was going to be honest. There are a lot of things still on my Bucket List. Hey I’m only going to be 25 this month! (But if anyone asks—tell them I’m 22 if I’m a day—wink ; -)
           I’m sure you are all wondering why I’m confessing this now. Why confess it at all? Well, partly because I have been rereading my college papers on the subgenera of confessional poetry; and, partly because Morse Diving, Inc has just released the Mark V Manual: the official manual of guidelines for the US Navy regarding proper use of the US NAVY diving system. As all of my Morse Diving buddies know, the Mark V Diving helmet is probably our most prominent product.  Before Morse Diving and the US Navy released the manual I had no clue what the Mark V was really for (mock if you will, I was born blonde and have accepted that fact). But now, all I have to do to sound intelligent, well-versed in Navy/Diving jargon, or just super cool is buy a copy of the US Navy Diving Manual!   

The US NAVY DIVING  Manual features:

  • 100 pages
    Softcover, bound
    Free shipping WORLDWIDE
    Beautifully Detailed Diagrams
    Comprehensive Descriptions
    This is NOT a HOW-TO Guide to build a helmet! This is an in-depth procedural manual on Surface-Supplied  Diving — very technical:)

                Call 1-781-7772, email sales_service@morsediving.​com, and/ or visit http://www.morsediving.com​/ to get your copy today! Get a copy of the Mark V Manual if: you have a Mark V system, if you want to impress a good looking girl or guy at a party, if you are a diving or Military collector, if you like manuals, or for the detailed descriptions and diagrams that will literally make you smarter—Savvy!

For more information and to check out the specks on the manual—go to: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2021910560065.108976.1612991948&l=b56c44b131

“Till Next Time




American Made…

Dive Away by Liz Downey

Original Artwork by Liz Downey...to purchase email katemoore1868@gmail.com

      Sitting in my house last night I could not help but feel as though I was in London circa 1943. The air cracked with the smell of sulfur and smoke. The usually dark neighborhood glowed in breathtaking bursts. And, the peaceful, dull, melodic cadence of quiet that normally drives me bananas was replaced with hundreds and hundreds of booms.  Yesterday was the Nation’s most important holiday; the 4th of July. On the 4th we celebrate independence from tyranny and oppression.  We celebrate patriotism and the general awesomeness of the United States of America.  It really is one of the flyest holidays that we have.

     One of the best parts about working for Morse Diving, Inc is knowing that I work for a real American company. We are what it means to be American. This thought rang through my head as I sat back in my chair listening to the explosions in the sky around me. There are very few true, blue (Red, White, and Blue) American companies these days.  Even the companies that we think of as the essential “American Companies” cannot be classified as such in this day and age: i.e. General Motors, Ford, et cetera


  They are being forced to reroute production to other countries. However, Morse Diving, Inc is a staple. We are American Made in every sense of the phrase.

     For almost  175 years we have manufactured the finest diving equipment in the United States. Our products are utilized by the United States Navy, the Canadian Navy, private companies, individual divers, and global businesses.  There has been little change to the products that we  manufacture  in over a century and a half of business.  Morse Diving, Inc  makes solid, dependable, long lasting products– products that withstand the test of time like the very company that makes them.

  Morse Diving, Inc makes the finest products in the finest country, for the finest customers. This has been, is, and forever shall be our policy.

Happy Independence Day from your friends at Morse Diving!

                                       ‘Till Next Time



“It could be dangerous and possibly fatal to use the information in this blog; it was printed for its rich historical information…”

American Dive Collection Catalogue. This hardcover

Beautiful ImagesLeatherette-Finish and Gold LetteringList Prices 1877

I, like many Americans, have been fighting an on-going battle with insomnia. Instead of sleeping at night I watch infomercials. Of course I had to use all of the will power I had not to buy one, or two, of every product the pitch men were hawking me, Seriously though, I did notice a very interesting pattern…everything is “Limited.” Limited time only, limited price, limited quantities…et cetera… But, what exactly is so limited about these products? I can go to the local dollar store and by 100 Sham-Wow knock-offs for fifty-cents.

I have not seen a product on an infomercial that can be deemed special, extraordinary, or even unique. What can, we, as consumers, buyers, sellers, collectors, call “limited” and mean even more so extraordinary.  

I have found the answerer:

            Something worth collecting, something that is literally limited.

Morse Diving, Inc. is about to celebrate its 175th anniversary. If you have not heard, Morse is the oldest diving company, established in 1837. In celebration of this monumental event we are selling a LIMITED edition (and a very LIMITED amount) of the 1904 American Dive Collection Catalogue. Morse Diving has a Limited production deal that totally benefits our loyal customers!  This hardcover, leather-bound book contains beautiful sketches, images, and price descriptions of…not only Morse Diving equipment, but other popular diving brands from over the last hundred years or more! Yes, maybe the P90x deal is for a “limited time only;” but if you miss out on owning one of only 100 historical diving catalogs…the amount of time you will be kicking yourself for will not be limited!

Collectors of the world take note: the very foreword of this book explains the how rare these Catalogues are. Diving collectors of the world take note: “It could be dangerous and possibly fatal to use the information in this book it was printed for its rich historical information” (Mathieson). The entire history of diving, up to and including 1904, is neatly compiled and at your fingertips. Check out the specks:


Leatherette-Finish and Gold Lettering

8.5” X 11”

400+    Pages

Includes Catalogues from:

–       A.J. Morse and Sons

–       Alfred Hale co.

–       A. Hale co.

–       A. Schrader Diving Equip. co.

–       D.E.S. co.

–       John Date c.

–       AND MANY MORE…

 Dive into history. Call 877.87.MORSE or email Donna at Sales_Service@MorseDiving.com to reserve your copy today!

                                         ‘Till Next Time